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Ready to quit your tobacco habit? Get free help

Quitting tobacco isn’t easy. Whether you smoke cigarettes, chew tobacco or use some other type of tobacco, nicotine is addictive. Most people who try to quit their tobacco habit find it difficult to overcome. It’s a physical and mental challenge, but you can do it — especially if you get the help you need. Quit […]

Joshua Brown, HIV Outreach and Health Educator

“We need to continue to raise awareness about HIV. We need to erase the stigma by making it less of a taboo subject to talk about.” As a lifelong community advocate, Joshua Brown is a strong believer in the impact that outreach initiatives can have on a community. He was able to see that impact […]

Mary Payton, Health Educator, Indianapolis Healthy Start

“Grassroots programs, as well as faith-based efforts, can make a significant difference in the health of our communities. They are critical to increasing awareness about challenges like infant mortality rates.” As a health educator for the Minority Health Coalition of Marion County and the Indianapolis Healthy Start Program, Mary Payton specializes in initiatives that meet […]

Tiffany K. Nichols, Tobacco Program Coordinator

“If my work helps a child to decide to never start smoking, then my work is good. If I can go to a high school game and no one is smoking, that’s meaningful. It’s lasting help.” With smoking ranked as the leading preventable cause of death, Tiffany Nichols is on a mission to reduce the […]