Tiffany K. Nichols, Tobacco Program Coordinator

“If my work helps a child to decide to never start smoking, then my work is good. If I can go to a high school game and no one is smoking, that’s meaningful. It’s lasting help.”

With smoking ranked as the leading preventable cause of death, Tiffany Nichols is on a mission to reduce the impact of tobacco on Marion County residents. For more than 15 years, she has served as a Tobacco Health Educator — a role she continues to hold for the MHCMC.

Tiffany knows from first-hand experience the impact that smoking can have on a family. “I come from a family of smokers. I was only four years old when my grandfather was struggling with complications from lung cancer,” she recalls. “That was in 1979 and it’s still imprinted in my head. “

The knowledge that people are dying from a preventable disease drives her passion with her work. “People can change their health through lifestyle and behavior changes,” she says.

One of the areas that she focuses on is reducing tobacco use among younger people. She notes that young people still think other addicting tobacco products are cool, including hookah pipes, marijuana or flavored tobacco products. “These can be a gateway to other addicting tobacco products,” she says.

Tiffany also works on programs to reduce adult tobacco use, partnering with healthcare providers, employee wellness clinics and other partners to make an impact.

Tiffany earned a bachelor of science degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and received a master’s degree in business administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. Tiffany also holds a certification in Tobacco Cessation and Counseling through Indiana University Health.

She is a member of Smokefree Indy and served as the first chair of the Indiana Black Expo’s African American Coalition against Tobacco.  

Tiffany has a message for every tobacco user in the community: “There’s help to quit.”